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For dishwashing room of hotel, restaurant, employee dinning
– Two able washing cycle 60s/90s
benefits – able switch or door cycle start switch, simple to use
– Thermostop feature, ensure rinse temperature above 82℃ per washing cycle
– Built-in rinse pump, provide equal pressure
– Patented anti-clog nozzles, provide for the most extensive spray pattern
– Touch pad and front mounted control, monitor temperatures on LED display
– Light alerting when washing cycle over
– L-form heavy wash tank design, exert wash pump performance furthest
– Tank heater with temperature sensor, make sure of wash temperature above 55℃
– Slope-shape wash chamber to prevent the cleaning-wares are polluted by dirt
– Automatic filling water, and water level self-control, prevent dry heating
– Booster tank with high quality heat preservation material, reduce heat loss
– Self-flushing strainer and removable basket collect large food particles easily
– Self-draining wash pump, heavy-duty and fosra nitation


– wash capacity: 60/40 Racks/h
– water consumption: 3L/rack
– wash temperature: 55-65℃
– rinse temperature: 82-90℃
– voltage: 380V/50Hz/3N
– total loading: 15kW/17kW
– loading height: 440 mm
– rack size: 500×500 mm
– dimensions: 642×701×1440(H)mm
– origin: China





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