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• Wash tank in 316 AISI stainless steel with rounded corners, internal and external surfaces in 304 AISI stainless steel. Wash arms and jets in 304 AISI stainless steel to ensure an excellent and reliable performance. The double-skinned
counter-balanced inspection doors guarantee solidity and strength.
• Wash Zone: all the soil is removed by the combination of the mechanical washing action that directs water at the washware by means of a powerful pump and the thermal action of the heating elements that guarantee a constant water temperature of between 55° and 65°C and to which the appropriate detergents are added
• Rinse Zone: clean water is used to eliminate any trace of detergent from the washware.
• Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: manually removable wash arms and tank filters without the use of tools; water and electrical connections are positioned centrally on the front side of the machine to allow installation directly against a wall
• Maximum Operator Safety: the machine is completely automated and stops if the doors are accidentally or deliberately opened, there are no baskets in the machine, the wash
• The NERT dishwashers can be connected to specific pre-wash tabling, entry and exit service tabling, roller conveyor tabling and conveyor belts
• All models comply with the standards required by the main international approval bodies (VDE & DVGW) and are H marked * Declared actual cycle duration times can extend when water supply temperature is lower than indicated