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Green & Clean Hood Type Dishwashing Machine

• The Electrolux green&clean Dishwashing range is produced for customers with the highest conceivable demands for good efficiency, economy and ergonomics for dishwashing operation. The product range comprises glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers, hood type dishwashers, rack type dishwashers, flight type dishwashers and pot and pan washers. The hood type dishwasher range specific for Asia consists of unitswith different voltages and has a capacity of 67 racks per hour.

• High powered built-in atmospheric boiler (12 kW) allows cold water supply (from 10°C to 60°C), 12 liter capacity, with rinsepump to guarantee a constant hotrinse temperature of 85°C minimum during rinsing phase,independent from the waterpressure of the network (aminimum of 0.5 bar).
• The green light of the “WashSafe Control” confirms that itemshave been rinsed properly.
• 4 second (variable) pause afterwashing and before rinsing ensures that no drops of uncleanwater will fall on the clean items atthe end of the rinsing cycle.

• 3 different dishwashing cycles:glass and lightly soiled items (1st cycle of 77 seconds), standard soiled items (2nd cycle of 90 seconds), heavy soiled items (3rd cycle of 150 seconds), according to THERMAL LABEL

requirements. Easy to switch to “high productivity” mode(54/90/150 sec.) by switching onspecific button.
• ETL- Sanitation approved andcompliant with NSF sanitization standards (paragraph 7.1).
• Simple control panel with digital thermometers, indicationg both wash & rinse temperatures.
• Electronic board with digital display incorporating fault diagnosis system, number of
cycles counter and number of drain cycles counter.
• An effective rinse system that uses only 3 litres of clean hot water per rack to ensure lower running costs (in energy, water and chemical consumption).
• All the machines have smooth surfaces and a wash tank with rounded corners to facilitate cleaning.
• Easily removable washing and rinsing arms, filters and rack support.
• 3 springs in hood lifting system to prevent the hood from suddenly closing in case of spring breakage, thus avoiding operator injury.